About me

Although I bought my first Ajax-shirt in 1995 (for the Champions League final in Vienna) the real collecting started in 2001. After having a season-ticket for Ajax for several years the decision to stop with the season-ticket was the start for me to collect Ajax shirts. It was my goal to have a home and away shirt of the years I had the season-ticket. So that these shirts would remember me of the great times, great games and great fun I had visiting the games of Ajax. But at the time that goal was achieved, I already was addicted to collecting Ajax items. And I still am.

In 2002 I decided to share my hobby with everybody who was connected with the internet and I build my first website showing all the stuff I had collected in the last few months. It was nice to notice that not only people from the Netherlands visited my website but that people from all over the world were interested in Ajax shirts. What I found remarkable was that a large number of people from China (Honk Kong) visited my website. Later I discovered that the reason for this was the fact that people from China were able to see foreign tv-stations in the early 70's. Chinese people interested in football then saw the golden years of Ajax on their television and that's why a lot of Chinese people around the age of 50 still are interested in Ajax.

Througout the time my pages have been visited over 25.000 times, I got in contact with people from all over the world who send me messages with questions about Ajax shirts or information about Jari Litmanen. This also makes collecting fun.