Probably you came to my site because you were interested in Ajax shirts or in football shirts in general. In the links here below you will find some sites which are related to football or football shirts. Just click on the banners and take a look, they won´t dissappoint you.

'In the old days' we had the IASSC (International Association of Soccer Shirts Collectors). An international internetforum where footballshirtcollectors could help eachother finding new shirts or sharing information about footballshirts. Unfortunately in 2004 the IASSC-forum died because of too much rivalry between the collectors. In 2005 I decided to set up a new forum. Unfortunately only for Dutch and Belgium collectors so I could monitor the messages myself. Now in 2011 we have over 100 members and the forum still is growing. Once every year we organize a meeting so we can meet eachother in person.


When I started the Voetbalshirtsforum I asked Leo van der Kroft jr. if he could help me moderate this forum. Leo is the most well-known footballshirt-collector from the Netherlands and has been collecting shirts for a very long time. He not only collects footballshirts but shirts from other sports as well.

Peter Janssen, also moderator on our forum, collects shirts from V.V.V. Venlo. If you ever have a question about a footballshirt from whatever team, just ask him. If he doesn't know the answer probably nobody does.