Shoes, just like shirts, are items which are relatively personal. Players wear them. Therefore you see lots of shirtcollectors who collect shoes as well. Although it's not my main goal in collecting, whenever I have the chance to enlargen my shoes collection I of couse will do so.

By a big coincidence I came in contact with Ajax's Team Manager Mr. David Endt and we got to talk about Jari Litmanen. Just like everyone else who loves Ajax, Mr. Endt is a big fan of Jari Litmanen as well but decided to give away a pair of shoes which he got from Jari. Speaking about a nice guy.

He also signed his book 'Ajax zielen' for me. Mr. Endt has written numerous books about Ajax en every one of it is great to read.




Jari Litmanen's Adidas Copa Mundials.







Jari Litmanen had some troubles with his ankles and therefore his shoes were specially modified by Adidas by lifting the heel and splitting the sole.





At a Dutch auction I could buy these shoes which were worn by Klaas Jan Huntelaar. Klaas Jan Huntelaar has worn these shoes during the opening of the new Arsenal 'Emirates' football stadium in the Dennis Bergkamp Memorial Game. So these are the shoes which scored the first goal in that stadium. The last goal scored with these shoes was the 3-0 in the game Ajax-Heracles Almelo on the first of April 2007. The last game played with these shoes was Ajax-RKC in the Dutch National Cup on the 18th of April 2007.